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Our History
A Region Mainstay
The Relics have been performing for over 20 years. Each band member has a very unique and diverse background, which gives them the ability to perform top 40, rock-n-roll, blues, jazz, modern standards, and ethnic music. The Relics are truly a band that can play for any occasion. Each Relics band member also contributes vocally in order to deliver the unique five part harmony on many songs and set the Relics apart from other local groups. Another unique feature of the Relics is their ability to alter their instrumentation and lineup by having either two guitarists or by switching to two keyboardists, depending on the style of song and arrangement. This not only gives the Relics the flexibility to perform a wider variety of music than many bands, but also enables them to create a much richer sound by using strings and horns, utilizing synthesizer technologies giving them a sound that rivals larger eight or ten piece bands. This is just one of the many factors that help make the Relics one of the most popular bands in the Chicago land area. Relics shows are not just about music, they are about the total experience, and the Relics never fail to deliver. 
We believe that after watching and listening to our promo videos below you will agree that the Relics are indeed a unique with a very special sound. We also believe that given the opportunity to see us perform live, you'll be even more impressed! 

Our Schedule
April 2018
4/28 R-Bar - Highland 9-1
May 2018
5/25 Cedar Lake Little League Fundraiser TBD
5/26 Buddy N Pals Schererville 8:30-12:30
5/31 Hobart Summer Market - Cedar Lake 6-8:30
June 2018
6/7 Dyer Freedom Fest 7-11
6/8 Hammond Greek Fest 6-11
6/24 St Thomas More Fest 6-10
Photos and Media
The Band
Joe Sowinski
Joe's ability to perform on multiple instruments, along with his strong vocals,  
contribute greatly to the bands unique sound. 
Joe was heavily influenced by the British invasion bands of the 60's. His greatest influences have been the Rascals, Rare Earth, 3 Dog Night, and Bill Dogget. 
Of course no group or individual has more impact on Joe than the Beatles. Through the years there has been debate over just who the 5th Beatle actually was, but we have the inside scoop and real proof that it was actually Joe Sowinski. 
All seriousness aside, the Kodak moments are many but he says that it was a real special 
moment to actually meet Mike Smith of the Dave Clark 5, and have the opportunity to sing the Hit Song Bits and Pieces with him...and Joe has the pictures to prove it! 
Former Bands Include: 
Banana Band 
Take it and Go 
Sweeter Sound
Jim Pardonek
Jim is a founding member of the Relics along with Joe and has been a professional musician for more than 20 years. He is a driving force behind the success of the Relics. 
Jim's influences are Greg Rolie, Rick Wakeman, and Jon Lord. 
Jim is an experienced touring musician touring with J.D. Sumner and the Stamps along with the TCB Band. Jim's career also included residences in show lounges in Las Vegas and Reno as well as several cities across the country. 
Former Bands Include: 
The Fabulous Baker Boys 
The Upper U.S. ShowBand
Dave Soberiajski
Dave has been performing whith the Relics for more than 15 years now. His energy behind the drums along with his strong vocals help the Relics to play such a diverse and wide variety of music. 
Dave has many influences but when asked, he points at the greats Buddy Rich, Gene Krupa, and Neil Peart. He also shares a real love 
and passion for the music of the Beatles with his fellow bandmateJoe Sowinski. 
Dave also has formed a unique bond and friendship with his friend and fellow durmmer Tom Schechel of the Chicago area band The Buckinghams. The two chat often and correspond over the internet. 
Former Bands Include: 
Nine Lives 
Larger Than Life 
Midwest Express 
One Night Stand
Dave Trump
Dave joined the group in the summer of 2005. He is no stranger to the area stage, and has been performing around the region for nearly 20 years. His energy and soulful playing style add to the unique sound that the Relics bring to every event. 
Dave's influences include James Taylor, Van Morrison, Eric Clapton, and John Hiat.  
One of Dave’s many Kodak Moments include the time that he had the opportunity to be  
part of the opening act for rock legend Rick Derringer.  
Former Bands Include: 
Soul What 
Somethin’ Else 
Scattered Pieces
Bob Teske
Bob’s musical journey began at a very early age with a passion for guitar. Inspired by a variety of musical genres, and the huge pool of talent in the Midwest Region, his primary influences became centered on gospel, R&B, and dance music. 
Former Bands Include: 
The Paper Highway Show 
The RayzBand 
The DashBoard Divas
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